Quarantine Facility

A State of the Art Facility built to exceed MPI Specifications


Fully Air-Conditioned with a constant 19-20’C maintained throughout the facility. Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter


Cat and Dog rooms are generously proportioned and families can be accommodated together. We feed Royal Canin and cater to special diets

About Us and What we Do

  • Auckland Quarantines’ facility is State of the Art and built to exceed the latest MPI specifications.  We have designed this with your pets comfort and health as a top priority
  • The New Zealand Government requires that Dogs and Cats are Quarantined for 10 days on their arrival from any country other than Australia.  Were here to make it as comfortable and stressless as we can.
  • Air Conditioned– The only Quarantine Facility in Auckland which is Fully Air Conditioned with temperatures maintained at a constant 19-20’C (66-68’F) for your pets comfort
  • Individual Ventilation provides the most hygienic conditions for your pet.
  • High Security also ensures a secure stay in our facility, with two fully trained staff on site 24 /7.
  • Vinyl floors and melamine walls mean easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Visiting Hours are 12pm – 2pm Daily.
  • Dog Accommodation – Dog rooms are generously sized and and are able to accommodate your family pets together. We provide fleecy blankets for bedding, and toys for chewing and calming music to comfort your pet.
  • Cat Accommodation – Cat rooms are generously sized and your family pets can share a room together. We provide fleecy blankets for comfort and toys and scratch pads to keep claws maintained and calming music to comfort your pet.
  • Owners bedding and toys. You may also bring your own bedding and toys to help your pet settle in, this must be new and unused, and they will be cleaned and returned to you at the end of your pets quarantine.
  • Collection from Auckland Airport – We are just 15 minutes away from Auckland Airport and will collect your pet as soon as it is available after landing and return to Auckland Quarantine where we will be settled him/her in with fresh food and water and a long cuddle from one of our caring staff.
  • Housekeeping – Our staff are all fully trained and animal lovers and will visit and monitor your pet throughout the day for cleaning, feeding, as well as special playtime and cuddles.
  • Feeding – We feed quality pet food only, Royal Canin for both Cats and Dogs, and wet food to suit all tastes. Specific diet requirements for your pet can also be catered to.
  • MPI Vet Inspections – During your pet’s stay with us, they will be inspected by MPI veterinarians within 3 days of arrival and again within 48 hours of departure.
  • Bathing – Your dog will be bathed after arrival and inspection from the MPI vet and again after the final MPI inspection and departure to you and his new home.
  • Vet on Call – We have a very experienced team of Veterinarians on call 24/7 in case of any emergency.
  • Unable to Visit your pet ? – Don’t worry we will send you daily photos and emails, its all part of the service.
10 Workers

on location

200 Animals

through this year

3 Vets

on call

No. 1 Auckland


No better place for your pet

Nestled in the tree-tops, hills of rolling green grass, blue sky, and land of the long white cloud, Auckland Quarantine at Brookby is where we found our Agent Cooper and Prince.

Far from the like of other quarantine facilities Auckland Quarantine is just like a heavenly oasis tranquil spa retreat for dogs. Our pups were greeted with compassionate love, hugs and kisses. Auckland Quarantine’s facility is state of the art – rooms are adorned with “Sweet Dreams” beds, plush dinosaur throws and toys galore – what more could our pups ask for and a spa bath before leaving was much appreciated! Ventilation system is better than what we have in our own home, very warm, inviting and fresh. Staff made Agent Cooper and Prince “part of the pack”. In our hearts, the feeling of our dogs’ safety was extremely important. When we visited Agent Cooper and Prince they played happily, contentedly and were rolling on their backs with paws in the air.

To all the staff – words cannot express how gratifying it was to see the trustfulness our dogs showed in all of you.

Our only worry was WILL THEY WANT TO COME HOME!!!

Sandra and Mario
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